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Shanghai International Wall Materials Technology Forum 2019


Complying with the country's green ecological concept of building industrialization and residential decoration. Focusing on the new wall wall materials under the new situation, how to focus on the development of the standard green building industry, and further promote the integrated development of wall wall material function and decoration.

As the basic material constituting the building, wall material technology is also an important part of the building parts. The wall materialization is not only an important support and guarantee for the industrialization of the building, but also one of the main development directions of China's building materials industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. With the development of the domestic construction industry and the improvement of the national standards for building materials, China's construction industry has higher and higher requirements for wall and wall materials technology, and the demand is also growing.

2019 Shanghai International Wall and Wall Materials Summit Forum will invite relevant government departments, authoritative experts, construction units, real estate developers, architectural design offices, engineering contractors, decoration and decoration enterprises, combining interior and exterior wall materials and wall body materials, structure and supporting materials, focusing on the development trend of building industrialization under the new situation, how to systematically develop new wall materials technology, the focus of this industry, suggestions, consensus, and sharing the development trend of the industry.


Sub-forums and events

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Building Ceramic Industry Forum

Wall insulation industry forum

Prefabricated Construction Industry Forum

Exterior wall hanging board industry forum

Wood Industry Development Forum

Fully decorated industry forum

Wall materials technology display area

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