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1. To exhibit in the national pavilion as the main form of business people at domestic and abroad the import and export business.

2. Thousands of invitation letter for foreign consulates and trade promotion agencies, business institutions, foreign relevant industry associations invite them one by one.

3. Through television, radio, newspaper, network, mobile media, the subway, building materials stores advertisement and so on many kinds of ways for agents, distributors, property developers and construction units and other industry professionals all-round pushing the exhibition information.

4. Through the 300 best cooperation media (building materials, real estate professional website, magazines and newspapers) will the personage inside course of study the majestic, push the exhibition without blind Angle.

5. Wechat, weibo, APP, baidu search, professional superposition of new media channels such as QQ group communication channels, deliver timely and exhibition information dynamic, immediately communicate in architectural design institute, real estate developers.

6. Plenty forms of meetings, activities, BBS, attract the attention of the personage inside course of study, the participation and interaction, around the market hot spots, improve the project docking, create high-end technical exchange platform.

7. 300000 professional audience database, call center through the network, peer-to-peer invitation, hundreds of millions of business opportunities,.

8. A full range of Shanghai design group and design institute of resources, more have to Qinghua University, Tongji University, southeast university, southwest Jiaotong University and other advanced architectural design institution of higher learning support and cooperation.

9. Government functional departments to support and organization, to run around the Yangtze River delta around the construction, the wall to do and association work together, to rectify, were made the best green building trade platform.

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